27 October 2009

ooooooooo myyyyy i got an award!!!!

Kreative Blogger Award

ooooooo myyyyy I got an award!!

So Here are the rules:
1. Thank the person who gave this to you.
2. Copy the logo and place it in your blog.
3. Link the person who nominated you.
4. Name 7 things about yourself that no one would really know.
5. Nominate seven 'Kreativ Bloggers'
6. Post links to the seven blogs you nominate
7. Leave messages on their blogs

1. Thank you Corwin!!!
2. done
3.heres Corwins blog...full of fabulous stuff...tips, eyecandy and fun :)
4. hmm 7 things....
i'm 53 ....i cant be that old? can i? seems i am and have turned into my mother :)
mother of 4.... 3 girls 1 boy ranging 19 to 28...all but one left home ...yayyyy :P
born in Newcastle England but i've been living in Sydney Australia for 27 years
love crafts of all kinds
not working...happy ....but more money would be nice :P
have a fabulous boyfriend...hmm manfriend? lol
not too good with blog stuff...hope i'm doing this right lol
5. and 6... Kreative bloggers
7.yep i left messages...

How exciting!!! did i say i got an award :P my first one :) woot!!! :)

23 October 2009

What a mess!!! lol

thought i'd treat you all to the mess i am working in :P

This is the old Beacon being renovated.....and the new beacon one room to go.....

what a mess!!!!! lol but i seem to know where everything is :P

22 October 2009

top floor of the old Beacon nearly done :)

wow i've been slack :P .....havent done anything until today and went wild lol

heres the top floor of the old beacon...renovated to be the Lady of the house's private quarters :)

not quite finished as i ran out of skirting and flooring ...doh so annoying :P

i've put her a private bathroom in her room...quite common in those days

Still needs some tweaking ....the beddings all wrong.....but i like it so far :)

11 October 2009

mens smoking/billiard room

finished the mens smoking/billiard/chess/bar room woot!

this means......only one more room to go in the new Beacon Hill !!!!
Hope you like it...i do :)

heres some ideas with furniture :)

or i may make it the dining room lol

we will see when i get the last room finished.....did i tell you i only had ONE ROOM TO GO !!!! :P :)

05 October 2009

starting on the old beacon...:( i dont like seeing it all wrecked :P

i'm starting to renervate the inside of my 1st Beacon Hill....its quite distressing actually.... my beautiful Beacon all trashed :(
I'm sure i will like it better once its done.... gawd i hope i do!!!!
Heres the top floor ladies reading/quiet room and the start of the hallway...this may become her writing room...no idea yet so many rooms!!!! lol

03 October 2009

moving along...another room done and demolition started on the old beacon :O

finished the childrens school/play room....(wallpaper templates to be glued in when all rooms are done ) added a false hall at the back of the room

and today i started the demolition....renervation....of the old beacon hill.... my beautiful beacon is in dissarray :( ....however she will look fabulous once she's done!!!!
let me say....those stairs are a tad tricky to paint when they are already installed....i feel like a contortionist lol

My first visitor ....my crafting helper Sophie :)
ooooooooo and i also moved both beacons into my tiny craftroom...phew its quite a squash but its easier to work on them :)