27 August 2009

loving the back porch :)

ahhh here is the porch/servant entry...i like it... woot!

i divided the sevant entry bit with a black fence which will have some sort of viney effort put on it....the trim for the main house part is the lounge window trim...fitted perfectly i like it ...even the roof has toned down a bit...may even 'dirty' it up yet...will wait and see ....its finally getting somewhere!!!
still deciding on that brick printie on the base...i think i will go with it...today anyways :P

26 August 2009

full steam ahead on the porch

I've put in 2 dormers, still to shingle yet...my least favourite thing to do :( and have been painting a thousand pieces for the porch and posts.....who's idea was it to do 3 colours? lol

Planked and stained the porch....i may do another coat to get it darker...maybe ...we will see :P

hmmmm now i'm looking at the picture....theres hairs all over it!!! wheres that furbaby? lol
Hopefully i'll get some post and porch roof assembly done tonight :)
I'm only having 3 posts so i had to modify the trim and move the step across....no idea about the fancy trim yet...i'll probably have to make some as the kit trim fits between 4 posts not 3 ....ahhhhhhhhh things to decide :)

24 August 2009

o myyyyyyyyy i have been rude....i had no idea of blog ettiquette...

i have 8 loverly followers and havent thanked them...sorry....i had no manners :P

Thank you to George, Mariviganonet, Katy, Deborah, Susan, Dora, Debra and Shannon...welcome to you all :)

ooo naughty me 6 days of nothingness oops

well i had 6 days off the build and went and stayed at my partners for a long weekend :)
soooooooo...this is where i'm up to...back and all refreshed and raring to get on with it yayyyyyyyyyy

i might make this a removeable side wall or i'll never reach in there if anything needs doing...lights etc and i have the room wall in...just have to trim it ...hopefully will do that tonight
heres the inside so far...still a long way to go but its coming along nicely :)

these are possible roof ideas for the back entry....dont know yet...i like the idea...needs to be dirtied up and maybe done with a curved edge....we will see...too much like a candy store now
ok well i promise to blog more often ...i'm off to do some building :)

18 August 2009

yayyyyy onto windows at last!!! :)

finally!!! i finished that servant entry!

gawd i feel like i've been in there for weeks!
soooooooooo onto windows :)

and this is the overall view so far....geeze a long way to go yet lol

17 August 2009

Still stuck in the servant entry :(

Another day doing the same thing :( i feel like ill be stuck in this room forever lol
heres the basement stairs cut into the veranda

and a handy use for the porch posts...keeping the crown moulding in place while the glue grabs

however...a lightbulb moment :)

i needed small windows for the new walls...i think what can i use.... i'm not using the front door!!! it has 'glass'....it has 'frames'....i chop it up ....just the right size!!!!! i am clever woohooo ...hopefully :P

oooo and i'm nearly done with this room....
hope i can get the stairs back in!!!
Laters :)

16 August 2009

enough of the day counting :P

today i seem to be stuck fiddling with the basement stairs and the wall i had to make.......its all little bits of fiddley stuff which all has to be done before i put the actual staircase back in.....as once i put that wall in i wont beable to get at anything.....
so tedious painting trims and skirtings ...i want to get on with it!!! lol

isnt it amazing how we get over problems......i have all the clamps and gizmo's anyone would need.....but i use stupid stuff like rulers pegs and here string!!!
i was boxing in the wall i cut out...string was at hand to hold the strip on tight while the glue grabbed :P
So here is where i'm at....the basement stairs...still!!!
maybe tonight i'll get all the skirtings/cornices etc on in the servant entry and then i can move onto some windows woohooo :)

15 August 2009

Day 20 :)

well so much for my plan to 'slow the build down' I seem to be forging ahead regardless....
painted the shell with 'sahara sand'.......painted the eave trims.....base coat of black on the window roof/roofs/rooves? lol
Started the servant bathroom floor....need to sand and age this yet...but its getting there :)
heres some pics

It's occurred to me now....i havent actually had the two of them together to see if this actually works!!! .....
i do know the first one will have to be repainted and rehabbed to match the new one.....
but....but....but what if they look stupid? .....what if they dont fit?.......
omg too much drama...
i'll just wait till i'm done...... hope for the best......and have the 'grand reveal' be it good bad or downright ugly lol
and a major decision......the basement is happening!!! might as well go the whole hog.....a true extravaganza .....omg its mega!!!
ok work to be done...chat laters :)
I'm back....ooooooo i love my dremel :)
savaged the front/back entry to do the stairs to the basement
i was a bit scared incase my idea wouldnt work....but it did!!
woohooooooo i like it :)

14 August 2009

Day 19 :) sunglasses required

with my first Beacon build i wanted a green house....painted it and omg!!! all i could think of was ''the owl and the pussycat went to sea in a beautiful pea green boat'' :P
i quickly changed it to the sandy colour.........
its a nice green but didnt suit this house or what i wanted for it
anyways ..............building this second one i thought i'd better do the same so that the sandy colour will be the same shade (having green under it)
so here she is...the 2nd peagreen boat lol
tonight i paint her 'sahara sand' ahhh dreamy :P

also i've been paying around with floors and walls in the 'servant section'

and coincidentally.....i was browsing casey's mini's blog and she was stuccoing too!!!
a great tutorial for 'lacing' tried it out on the servant entry...looks fabulous!!! so thank you Casey :)

check out her blog....its great!! i love Tessie! http://caseymini.blogspot.com/
i'm off to paint now so see you tomorrow :)

13 August 2009

Day 18 :) Stucco

holes are filled and the stucco is on!!

heres a close up of the swirls

have to patiently wait for it to dry then paint it woohooooooo :) ....hmmmm i seem to remember i did the other one pea green first then changed to the sandy colour...
i may have to do that again to get the right shade ...yes!
ahh well you do what you have to do lol
Laters :)

12 August 2009

Days 15,16 and 17 :P

after my staining disaster i decided to slow it down
i'm rushing what is supposed to be my best house yet :(
so....i just fiddled about with the stairs, wallpaper and room/furniture placements for a couple of days
tomorrow i want to do the stucco and fill in the gaps....i think i'll concentrate on the outside and do some flooring inbetween....20 rooms is alot of skinny sticks!!!!
Till tomorrow :)

09 August 2009

Day 14 :) ruuuurrrrooooo

so............i decided to stain the floors ....i was going to floorboard with skinny sticks but as i like to 'fill my houses to capacity'' you never see much floor anyway lol
All is good...i find the tin of stain i used on the other Beacon...i shake it up...theres plenty in the tin...i open it and start staining.......
top floor done....middle floor done....ground floor done....i'm thinking this is looking good !!

i go to make a coffee before the next coat...i come back into the craft room....i think...gee that looks dark, hmmmmmm well it must dry lighter......i wait.......its dry.....omg!!!! its a total different colour!!!!
I check the tin...yep its stain.....what happened??
Does stain go 'off' ?
did someone switcheroo it?
Well what to do... what to do? too late to change it now I'm thinking i'll have to redo the 1st beacon trims to match, as this new one is alot darker somehow.....but on the upside...i like the darker one better
OR....i could do the skinny sticks and just have the front strip to sand and change...but then i'd have to skinny stick both houses to match anyway...
heres a pic of the 2 front strips of both houses still baffled as to how its so dark...theres got to be a reason/explaination
or........my kids are right and i am losing the plot!!
Any ideas?

08 August 2009

Day 13 :) a hold up :(

ok so today i was going to stucco and paint the main body But.....i cant do that till i make some decisions on the back veranda :(

1) am i doing the conservatory off the back?
i really want it on the roof between the towers but i dont know if i'm clever enough to do it......

2) am i having a basement?i think its overkill on this huge construction....but hey it is an extravaganza why not go the whole hog .........Still undecided

Heres some ideas so far

i think i'll slope the roof and only put 3 posts so i can section off the servants entry....maybe

okies....well i'm off to fiddle with it some more :)

07 August 2009

Day 12 :) its peg city lol

I did some trims today....its peg city lol

and started to put in the left bay i'm thinking of putting a conservatory off the front bay....dont know yet and i found a handy use for the ruler lolwell i'm off to fiddle some more....might be back later :)