23 October 2009

What a mess!!! lol

thought i'd treat you all to the mess i am working in :P

This is the old Beacon being renovated.....and the new beacon one room to go.....

what a mess!!!!! lol but i seem to know where everything is :P


  1. Linda my new friend, you are doing a fabulous job of this, it is going to be a true masterpiece when finished (lol if you ever finish it) Greenleaf should hire you to do houses for their site to display them, you have such a way with decorating them, you have come a long way my friend from never having built a house to this, I bow to you lol keep going it is just fabulous, and I know there are plenty of lurkers out there lol, please come and comment on this wonderful undertaking. Cheers Deb.

  2. Linda, yes that does look like a bit of a mess haha, but judging from the other photographs it looks like it all will be beautiful again one day! Josje