06 September 2009

still painting a thousand bits of windows :(

windows!!! how many has this house got!!! the 3 colour thing looks great but the painting of each bit!!! its never ending :P

I got up this morning and......and....... theres an empty lot!!!!...someone moved the built beacon hill !!!!!!

i ran to the craft room.......the new beacon is gone from its building site too!!!

You know what this means?
I caved in and put them together!!!!!!!
only one flaw to change too!!! i am wrapped i thought there would be more....i have to cut off the back roof overhangs....thats all!!! they are 'out' by about 1/2 a centimetre too but i thought that was 'doable' as i reckon only a craftsman could get them both 'perfect' ....i'm happy with that!!!
heres a sneak preview for you

Dohhhhhhhhhhhhh the camera must of slipped...i only got my slippers.....sorry....i'll take some another day :) :P

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