16 September 2009

The start of the lights :)

i'm starting to put the lights in the new Beacon and fiddling about with decorations....couldnt wait lol
heres the overall so far and the nanny's room

and heres the linen/trunks store and the servant entry

alot to do but its still fun :)
i'll light the 6 rooms on each side first...all the wires will come down the central rooms and go to the powerboard underneath the house....the 3 central rooms will have their wallpaper on cardboard templates and the wires will run behind these then its easy to get to if i need to renervate/swap lights etc
i think i need to concentrate on one thing at a time!! however..... decorating is such fun :P

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  1. Es una pasada, me parece increible las dos casa, estupendo son una maravilla.