24 August 2009

ooo naughty me 6 days of nothingness oops

well i had 6 days off the build and went and stayed at my partners for a long weekend :)
soooooooo...this is where i'm up to...back and all refreshed and raring to get on with it yayyyyyyyyyy

i might make this a removeable side wall or i'll never reach in there if anything needs doing...lights etc and i have the room wall in...just have to trim it ...hopefully will do that tonight
heres the inside so far...still a long way to go but its coming along nicely :)

these are possible roof ideas for the back entry....dont know yet...i like the idea...needs to be dirtied up and maybe done with a curved edge....we will see...too much like a candy store now
ok well i promise to blog more often ...i'm off to do some building :)

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