26 August 2009

full steam ahead on the porch

I've put in 2 dormers, still to shingle yet...my least favourite thing to do :( and have been painting a thousand pieces for the porch and posts.....who's idea was it to do 3 colours? lol

Planked and stained the porch....i may do another coat to get it darker...maybe ...we will see :P

hmmmm now i'm looking at the picture....theres hairs all over it!!! wheres that furbaby? lol
Hopefully i'll get some post and porch roof assembly done tonight :)
I'm only having 3 posts so i had to modify the trim and move the step across....no idea about the fancy trim yet...i'll probably have to make some as the kit trim fits between 4 posts not 3 ....ahhhhhhhhh things to decide :)

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