16 August 2009

enough of the day counting :P

today i seem to be stuck fiddling with the basement stairs and the wall i had to make.......its all little bits of fiddley stuff which all has to be done before i put the actual staircase back in.....as once i put that wall in i wont beable to get at anything.....
so tedious painting trims and skirtings ...i want to get on with it!!! lol

isnt it amazing how we get over problems......i have all the clamps and gizmo's anyone would need.....but i use stupid stuff like rulers pegs and here string!!!
i was boxing in the wall i cut out...string was at hand to hold the strip on tight while the glue grabbed :P
So here is where i'm at....the basement stairs...still!!!
maybe tonight i'll get all the skirtings/cornices etc on in the servant entry and then i can move onto some windows woohooo :)

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