06 August 2009

Day 9 :)

I bought a huge bottle of wood glue running out is never going to be a problem again
As it happens it was just as well i didnt get to glue the 3rd floor......i cut out some cardboard 'walls' to try out my layout i had planned.....i dont like it!!! too many boxy rooms
So.....changed my plans and have to cut more door holes....much easier when i havent glued the 3rd floor on!!!!
Heres the plot so far....original plans...no good...too boxy lookingand new layout....i like it much better I could of bashed alot more but i want to keep it so it still looks like the Beacon Hill and not a scratch built add on....otherwise it was a waste of time getting the second kit
The outside will look slightly different too but still recognisable as a Beacon....well thats the plan anyways
I have major plans for the towers....but will have to see if i'm clever enough to pull it off...it involves a conservatory.....or not :P..... depending on how it goes

Okies well cant stay here chatting all day....theres more doorways to cut and things to glue.....did i tell you i had wood glue now? lol

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