06 August 2009

Day 7 :) and the missing Day 6 :P

Day 6 came and went....visitors...RL happenings...didnt do anything to my extravaganza :(

Now its Day 7 .....I've cut out all the windows and door holes i need.... love that Dremel !!! the last couple even look kinda straight .....its all covered by trim etc so no matter

She is in bits again...tabs n slots made a tiny bit bigger...all set for the glueathon tonight Having a lunch break and in my best 'Arnie' voice ...........'i'll be back'

It's 10pm and i'm back I painted the stairs and decided i'd better do the service entry ceiling and trim out the stair 'hole' before i glue as i'll never reach it afterwards
Then i glued her together...she went together easily and everything fits like a glove.....i think widening the tab holes and making the tabs slightly smaller was worth the effort...only one wall needed a bit of a coax with the hammer So its onward and upward......heres a dry fit of the third floor
Things to do here before i can glue...so i'm off to bed and will fiddle with it tomorrow.....Nite :)

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