06 August 2009

Day 4 :)

I have the final layout!!
top floor 2 x maids in one room.......ironing/linen store......servant bathroom
middle floor childrens bedroom......school room.....nanny
ground floormens lounge....dining room....servant entry/service stairs to upper floors/butlers pantry

this means that i could easily add a basement without changing anything we will see how we go I glued the stairs this morning...gawd ditched those confusing instructions...and winged it
had to make another cup of coffee as this one was sorta 'tied up' for a while lol

its only lunch time so i'll see what else i can do....still a hold up on the cutting and i'm still fluttering Talk soon well i got the stairs built...wasnt that hard surprisingly and placed them in the servants entry.....hmmmmmmm dont know if i like them yet but painted and the banisters on they should be ok....they look a bit to tall for the room but its the same height as where they should be in the hall...so i dont know
ok i'm tired and rambling ...so off to bed :)

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